Is It Possible to Salvage Furniture After a Fire?

fire damaged furniture

Fire damage may lead to destroyed and burned furniture. After a fire, you also will have to consider the amount of smoke damage that was done to your furniture. What’s smoke damage? Smoke damage happens once the visible particles which comprise smoke settle upon surfaces and become soot. Those particles rapidly sink into surfaces, especially…

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How Does A Flood Affect Your Upholstery?

undressed upholstery

After it floods, homeowners must determine what they can salvage and what they should discard. The same will go for furniture which has been impacted by flooding. Assess the furniture impacted by floodwaters. Determine any salvageable furniture by discovering the value of the furniture vs. costs of restoration . Some pieces of furniture that were…

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Can You Salvage Carpet After a Flood?

flooded carpet

In the aftermath of a flood, many property and homeowners might wonder if their pad and carpet may be salvaged since carpeting may be a pricey investment. Saving the carpet is more cost-effective than having to replace it yet successful flooded carpet cleaning depends upon multiple factors. All water damage circumstances differ. Therefore, you can’t…

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4 Facts about Dampness and Mold

severe mold infestation at walls

Here are four facts concerning dampness and mold: How to keep mold out of homes and buildings Inspect buildings for visible mold and indications of water damage as a part of regular building maintenance. Correct any conditions that cause the growth of mold (that is, flooding, infiltration, condensation, or water leaks) to prevent the growth…

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How Frequently Should You Get Your Furniture Cleaned?

dirty sofa bed

Since your furnishings are more likely going to build up dust and stains, it’s suggested that you get them cleaned on a semi-routine basis. Regularly having the furniture cleaned assists in keeping the material from breaking down and needing extra maintenance such as patching. There are some things to do to keep the furniture clean…

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What is the Harm of Toxic Smoke in Fire Damage?

Here, we’ll take a look into some of the most toxic chemical particles that are left behind after a fire, as well as why fire particulate and odor cleanup is so critical to ensuring the safety of your loved one’s. If you wish to avail the fire damage restoration services of Triangle Legacy Washington DC,…

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3 Reasons to Have Carpet in Your House

house carpet colors

Carpet is a versatile, affordable, and durable option. There is a reason why so many residences are available with carpet: it is easy to keep clean, may be tailored to fit any decor, and it supports a healthy living environment. If you are looking for a reputable company that offers carpet cleaning carpet, contact Triangle…

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Black mold: Is it dangerous?

mold cleanup

Here’s the short answer—no. However, that does not mean you ought to keep mold as a pet. To completely removed black mold, you need the expertise of Triangle Legacy, Washington DC. Call us now at (202) 655-2246. All people have various tolerance levels to allergens such as mold spores; however, that is all black mold…

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3 Ways to Keep Carpets Clean in the Summertime

There are some things to do to help decrease the quantity of dirt that’s brought into the house during the more hectic points of the summer. Some of these tips involve adding doormats, setting up a shoe free zone, and designating a party area. Those are three ways to help keep your carpets smelling fresh.…

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Don’t Let Lightning Wreak Havoc on your Home

fire damage

About 33 people have passed away every year from lightning strikes in the United States from 2006 – 2018, according to the National Weather Service. In addition, approximately 75 percent of people who were killed by lightning strikes were outside, performing tasks like hiking, working, camping, or simply enjoying water sports while a thunderstorm was…

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